Friday, May 29, 2009

Ken Ham: Biblical scholar, or ideological windbag?

So a friend of mine gives me this book, entitled "Did Adam Have a Bellybutton?", written by a guy named Ken Ham. The book provides many "Tough Questions" about the Holy Bible, and Mr. Ham gives his answers.

Who is Ken Ham? He's an Australian, born in Queensland, but moved to America in 1987. He holds two college degrees from universities in in Environmental Biology, and one in Education. Okay, I understand how a complete moron can get a degree in education. Trust me on this...I went to a public school, dated a couple of teachers, and sat next to four education majors in my Math Reasoning class. Yes, even morons can get a degree in education. I've seen it happen. After reading his book, the degree in Environmental Biology leads me to believe that the Queensland Institute of Technology hands out degrees like American parents giving Ritalin to 3rd graders.

Moving right along, let's look at his business dealings. Typically, you DON'T get sued by religious organizations, when you both advocate the same religious beliefs. UNLESS you're getting sued for misappropriation of funds. Yet, this happened in 2007, under allegations that he and his "executives" were blowing the money James Bakker-style.

You might recognize the name "Ken Ham" if you follow popular culture, as he has been parodied and ridiculed by damned near every late-night variety TV host and comedian on the planet after launching his "Creation Museum". I'm assuming Mr. Ham chose the state of Kentucky because they're so desperate for his tax dollars that they're willing to become the laughing stock of the known universe. Either that, or everyone in Arkansas was too busy boinking their close relatives to bother going to see a museum featuring a sculpture of a child riding a dinosaur.

But enough about Mr. Ham's personal life. Let's talk about why I think he's a jackass!

First and foremost, he studied biology, and then panders to the ignorant for monetary benefit by writing a book that fits the dictionary definition of "intellectual dishonesty". He claims that it is "science", but has theories that are backed up with biblical reference instead of science, and uses the weakest of "straw-man" arguments to validate them.

I haven't finished my college degree, and am a liberal arts major...but I have had a few science classes in my day. This is a man who has an actual bachelor's degree in Environmental Biology...and I could still own his monkey ass in a scientific debate. After a sixer of Keystone tallboys. This silly Australian bastard has skills, but they aren't in the scientific arena. More like something you'd see at your local circus...but skills, none the less.

To top it all off, he declares that Psalms 139 and Psalms 59 clearly state that God feels that "life begins at conception". It does no such thing, and to make such a claim is nothing more than an outright lie.

I'll bet dollars to donuts that Mr. Ham is a contributor to the Texas Board of Education leader Don McElroy, who just got bounced in Texas for holding such retarded and unscientific beliefs. Any takers? Anyone?

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  1. Most evangelicals agree with Mr. Ham (he was not the first to interpret Pasalm 139) as such that God states life begins at concepiton. You will be hard pressed to find someone who believes in the literal interpretation of God's word, that doesn't believe this way. I have seen some of his stuff...