Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can you see it coming?

Undoubtedly, you've been hearing about this organization of computer hackers known as "anonymous", who have been committing acts of "cyberterrorism" against certain governments and corporate entities. While I am not a part of this organization (namely, because I lack the necessary knowledge to hide my identity sufficiently enough to ensure that I would not be harassed by the powers that be), I most certainly applaud their efforts to provide the free, open, and honest transmission of information.

Along with the video, there are a few other links you should really take note of. The first is William Lind's 1989 article from the Marine Corps Gazette, concerning the Fourth Generation (also known as "4G") warfare, in which information technology and ideology plays as much a part of the struggles of this world as bombs and bullets do. I first read about 4G back in 2004, not long after the invasion of Iraq had begun, when I was really diving into the manner in which determined individuals deprived of dedicated modern arsenals were consistently causing significantly high casualty rates amongst the best-trained and best-equipped military force in the history of the world.

While Lind had no way of knowing what technology the common man would have access to at the time (after all, the "internet" was nothing more than "ARPANET" at the time), the recent Dedicated Denial of Service attacks on those who rolled over on Julian Assange's "Wikileaks" website are proof positive of Lind's ability to see into the future of modern warfare.

A government contractor's recent attempt to identify the members of "Anonymous" for purposes of selling this information to the US Government, the reasons for doing so being Anonymous' support of a website ( dedicated to supplying the world with information, and HBGary's subsequent defeat in this battle, speaks volumes to how far this "information war" is becoming an integral part of modern warfare. It is every bit as important as the use of social networking (as well as the internet blackouts by governments, and the circumvention via low-tech international dial-up service and the old-school telephone modems) in the popular revolts of nations across the Middle East that are happening as I type this.

The national debt of the US recently surpassed its Gross Domestic Product....meaning the money we owe is more than our entire economy can produce in a given year. We simply cannot keep up, and it's going to implode. In Wisconsin, the public school teacher's union is near riot-stage protest because they are being told that the government cannot afford to give them the entitlements they have been promised. The governments of cities, counties, and even entire states across this nation are asking their higher-ups if it's okay to declare bankruptcy.

This nation has engaged in wealth-distribution schemes and socialist employment provision for so long that it cannot sustain itself. Our government has stolen so much, from so many for the ultimate benefit of so few, for so long, that it will ultimately implode at all levels. Time and time again throughout history, empires rise and fall. When they fall, they typically fall hard, with the empire using every tool to its advantage to cling to power.

Look around you. Read a newspaper. Watch whatever cable news outlet you prefer. Just like the movies, it's coming soon. The sh!t is going to hit the fan, and it's going to splatter us all. The best we can hope for in this sh!tstorm is a raincoat of some sort. How many hackers do YOU KNOW?