Thursday, May 10, 2012

Snitches belong in ditches...

So here's my story. Years ago (about 18 years and a few months, if you wanna get technical), I was walked out of my English I class by a high school assistant principle. From there, I was walked down to her office, where I was met by two of Angleton's Finest.

They told me they were going to "be nice", and walk me out to the parking lot before they cuffed me, so no one would see me in cuffs.

My crime was "Delivery of a Controlled Substance"...namely, four dosage units (aka "tabs" or "hits") of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or "LSD". The real kicker was, it wasn't even real. It was pieces of an index card wrapped in tin foil, and I was selling them to a classmate for the bargain price of $6 a pop.

A classmate of mine had me convinced that it was an easy way to score some cash. Too young for a job, wanted some scratch. Wrong? Yeah, fuck it. Let's do it. Asked around. "Anyone looking to pick up some acid this weekend? It's this weak-ass whitewater stuff, but a few of 'em will get you off."

A kid in my English class said "Yeah, give me two of 'em." A day later, "Yeah...I'll take two more, I'll have the money tomorrow. We're going camping this weekend, we want to have a good time!".

I was a high school freshman. Never touched a drug in my life, other than a sip of champaign at my cousin's wedding when I was a kid...that I promptly spit out. Never smoked a cigarette, never drank a beer, never did a bong hit. At the time, I wouldn't know what weed looked like if it was rolled up and sitting in front of me.

I was too young for a job, and I got $10 a week for lunch money. Back in the mid-90s, a $20 bill in your pocket when you had no money meant that you could now afford a Dr Pepper in the morning...for a month!

So I sold this kid these little squares of "acid", and got myself pinched for it. Along the way, I learned quite a bit about how the "system" works.

The cops intentionally hauled me off on a Friday, knowing that I would spend the entire weekend in Juvee before anyone could sign off on letting me out.
On numerous occasions, both during and after my weekend stint in Juvee (to this day, my longest period of incarceration, I might add!), I was repeatedly interrogated in the absence of my father...which was and still is nine kinds of illegal.
Both of the plain-clothes narcs who hauled me off were well-versed in the "Good Cop / Bad Cop" routine, with one of them literally threatening to have me raped by what I now know to be a completely fictitious "prison gang" comprised of 7' tall black guys with 13" penises...for the next 40 years.
Both officers, in no uncertain terms, explained that they were fully aware that the "acid" was nothing more than a .25" square of an index card wrapped in tin foil...and that my method of transporting this "dope" would have likely sent me on the trip of my life, had it been real while I was sweating my ass off in gym class...but if I didn't sign the confession, they were going to fake the lab reports and have me certified to stand trial as an adult, where I'd face this roving band of ass-bandits and pray for death when I got convicted and sent to prison. If I signed the confession, they were going to recommend a year of probation.

I got extremely lucky. I didn't get *completely* railroaded by the system. I did a year of Juvee probation, and got released after keeping my nose clean and riding my bicycle to the outskirts of town every month for the meeting with my PO and making my $15/month probation fee payment. Aside from certain entities being allowed to see such records, it's now like it never happened.

The classmate who ratted me out told me, very bluntly, "I was just in it for the $50 CrimeStoppers reward."

For years, I was bitter, to the point where I vowed to myself that I would beat this motherless fuck into the ground with the first blunt metal object I could find. Now, I know better. He was just a stupid kid, like we all were at the age of 15, told that he was "making a difference".

If you were to sit a kid down and explain that if you snitch on someone in such a manner, that there will be very real repercussions to your actions, he'd likely have a change of heart. If that kid knows that there exists a chance that another kid, before he's old enough to get a learner's permit and start driving, may become a convicted felon, he'd change his mind if he truly understood. If he knew that such a felony conviction would keep a man from ever getting a real job, getting government financial aid for college, being allowed to vote, being allowed to own a gun, or any of the other things felons are denied, he might not want to be a snitch.

On the other hand, if you pump a kid's head full of bullshit like "You're helping out your community and doing the right's $50 for your efforts!", you're gonna get a kid who wants to rat off his own mother.

Moral of the story...if you're alive and awake in this day and age, and don't know what snitching on someone that has harmed no one else will do to you, you're a fucking retard. If you know, and do it anyway, I sincerely hope someone puts a bullet in your head...and does it soon.

If you're old enough to truly understand and know better, and still willing to fuck up someone else's life, you deserve no better than what you're willing to do to others.