Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The true test of manhood...

For those of you who know me personally, you know what happened to my cousin fairly recently, with regards to the "altercation" between her, her ex-husband, her home, and his truck. Suffice to say, she's physically in a bad way and will be for a long time, and he's looking at possibly spending the remainder of his natural life in prison for putting her in that position. Thankfully, she's gonna make it out okay, even if she won't be running marathons any time soon.

So, herein lies the conundrum. Get us pissed, and we'll make MS13 look like a JV cheerleading squad. This guy literally tried to kill a member of our family, and most certainly got us pissed beyond belief. There's not a doubt in my mind, that upon finding the exact location of this assclown that put my cousin in the hospital, he'd be in pieces within a matter of minutes. Off the top of my head, ballpeen hammers come to mind. But is it "right"?

While killing this overgrown child to prevent his actions would have most certainly been justified, doing so after the fact just isn't. True "justice" would require putting him between a rock and a three-ton hard spot...and then hitting the accelerator, just like he intentionally did to my cousin, breaking damned near every bone in her body and causing internal organ damage. It's that whole "get what you give" thing. I'm quite certain he'd much rather prefer that, than to be locked in a room alone for fifteen minutes with that poor girl's father and a pair of channel locks, because S.A.R. would most definitely get medieval on his ass.

But again, is it right? JC said to turn the other cheek. We have a hard time doing that in this family. If holding grudges ever became an Olympic sport, my family could even beat the German team. Suffice to say, we have a hard time forgetting shit like this. We just don't tend to do this well.

This disgrace the human race is facing a 99 year prison term for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Given his prior criminal history, and testimony from neighbors who heard his words immediately after the fact, this stain will be lucky if he's ever able to see a sunrise that isn't coming through a chain-link fence after his conviction.


So my words to Donald Wayne Busby are, quite simply, this:

When you spend your remaining days on this Earth locked in a cage, constantly watching your back and hoping you don't get shanked over a slice of cake in the cafeteria, be praying to God for forgiveness, and hope that six large life-term gangbangers don't decide to rent your virgin ass from the Aryan Brotherhood for a pack of Ramen Noodles and a prepaid phone card. We'll be praying that your child is somehow able to live a normal and happy life, knowing that her father tried to kill her mother with an F250. We'll be praying that the mother of your child is some day able to walk without pain. We'll also be praying that her father, my father, and every other man in this family is going to be patient enough to let our criminal justice system work as intended so that justice may be served. To harm a defenseless person, as you did to my cousin, is not an act of a man, but rather the act of a child. A man knows he can do it, really wants to do it, and doesn't do it. I hope this family has enough grit to see you walk into that court room, and allow you to walk out to that county van one piece, so that your actions on that night won't wreck the lives of any more of my loved ones. Your actions are testing us all, and I certainly hope we pass.

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