Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Did you hear that alarm clock ringing?

Here's my .02 about the election.  YOU'RE FUCKED.  Now here's the kicker.  You'd be in the same boat if Romney had won. 

What's that?  How can that be?  Try to follow along, because I'm getting rather tired of trying to wake you the fuck up. 

An election in America is not two men fighting over who is going to be the best for the majority, but rather, two men trying to convince the majority that they are going to be the best for the majority while trying to hide how much the majority is going to get fucked over for the benefit of their campaign contributors. 

What happens when the same group of people are financing both of the major parties?  There is really no incentive for either party to hide from each other what they are working instead, they work toward meaningless bickering about non-troversies. 

Since I don't really know any "left-leaning liberals" (because most of my friends, even the ones who realize that mainstream republicans are scumbags) know that socialism and/or statism is a failed philosophy, the following questions are geared more toward those who consider themselves "conservatives"...

1) Has the "gay agenda" turned you or your children gay?
2) Has a war protest caused you or your loved ones to die in a foreign war?
3) Has a burning flag ever made it harder for you to feel like a "real" American?
4) Does a mandate to buy health insurance make it harder for you to afford your company health insurance?
5) Has hearing the drivel of Janeane Garafalo ever caused you to embrace socialism?
6) Have you ever felt threatened by (or, for that matter, ever seen in real life) a "Black Panther" that wasn't housed in a zoo?

If you can't honestly answer "yes" to any of these questions, don't you think it's time to STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE BULLSHIT THAT DOESN'T MATTER, AND WAKE THE FUCK UP?

Here are more important questions to ask yourself.
1) Does a hundred bucks buy as much food as it did ten years ago?
2) Has your state introduced any legislation that has actually legalized anything in the past ten years, that was previously illegal even though the "crime" had no nameable victim?
3) Can you redeem the dollar bills in your back pocket for any actual tangible gold or silver money?
4) Are your children able to remember any point in their lives where American troops weren't in a legit shooting war somewhere?
5) Do you feel comfortable knowing that even your little town of 18k people has a police department with a "tactical team" using military-grade weapons and other gear supplied by the federal government through grant programs?
6) Does it make you feel proud to be an American, knowing that we have indefinitely imprisoned, tortured, and even murdered our "enemies" without capturing them on a battlefield or even charging them with any specific crime?

Here's a hint.  If you can't answer "yes" to any of these questions, don't you think it's time to WAKE THE FUCK UP?