Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gay marriage, the Bible, the US Constitution, and the arrogant ignorance of my Cousin Billiam.

So here we go again, in the ongoing feud between the proud libertarian (being ME, of course), and the just as proud statist pig (being my cousin Billiam). Today, the topic is homosexual marriage. I asked two very simple questions of him, that he has STILL refused to answer. The first being a question of what rights of his would be infringed if two homosexuals were allowed to enter into a legally-binding contractual relationship known as marriage, and the second being what possible harm to him would come of this. Still waiting on answers, Billiam. You got any?

Didn't think so. Moving right along, let's look at a few things here.

1) The United States Constitution, namely the First Amendment to. It reads:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Now, Billiam, is there any part of that amendment that you DIDN'T understand? I'm specifically referring to the first ten words. As far as the state is concerned, marriage is nothing more than a contractual relationship entered into by two consenting adults who pay a fee to the government.

Prohibiting gay marriage, through legislation, goes against the very tenets that this nation was built upon. We not only have freedom OF religion, but also freedom FROM religion. If you don't like gay marriage, don't be gay and get married. It's really that simple. Gay marriage won't infringe upon any of your rights, nor will it harm you in any way, shape, or form.

2) The Holy Bible.

Yes, the Bible says it is an "abomination". In that same book (Leviticus, for you non-scholars), it also tells us many things. Namely, that it's okay to have slaves. It's a violation against God to get tattooed. You're allowed to kill your children if they curse you. A fetus isn't a person.

Leviticus even says that you are guilty of sin, EVEN IF YOU ARE UNAWARE THAT YOUR ACTIONS ARE SINFUL. Leviticus 4:27 goes directly against a legal principle that has been recognized for centuries prior to this nation.

Now, let's talk about "free will". The concept of "choice", and God's allowance of man to have said choice, runs all the way from Genesis to the Gospels, and then some. If God didn't support the idea of "free will", he wouldn't have given such a gift to us. Adam and Eve wouldn't have munched on that fruit. We wouldn't have war, murder, pedophilia, theft, et cetera in this world. I'm sorry, but I put more faith in my God than to think that he's powerful enough to create the entire earth, but has no power to force people to act in the manner he chooses. Passing legislation that interferes with a person's freedom to act according to his own beliefs, with no apparent regard for the protection of the liberties of others, is like pissing in the face of God.


And now, for my uber-arrogant cousin Billiam...

You swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies (foreign AND domestic), yet you think it's okay to disregard this oath based upon a particular verse in the bible. For anyone else reading this, it's Leviticus 18:22.

First and foremost, let's not forget that the commandments in Leviticus are what is known as "Mosaic Law", being applicable only to the ISRAELITES. Last time I checked, neither one of us wears a yarmulke.

Moving right along, let's look at a few other things the book of Leviticus says. Your myriad tattoos, just like mine, are a violation of God's law...and yet, it's obvious that neither one of us think that we should have a law of man to prevent them. I know I don't...and I'm fairly certain you don't either, seeing as how you proudly sport a tattoo of a cross emblazoned with the words "GOD IS MY JUDGE".

Leviticus also provides biblical rationale to HUMAN SLAVERY. Are you going to look your cousin Tamara in the eye, and tell her that it should be legal that your cousin Brehan may be OWNED by another person, because the Bible says it's okay, and the laws of her state of residence once stated that anyone with "one drop of negro blood is a negro"?

You yourself have personally stated to me, on more than one occasion (in regard to your wish to become a Law Enforcement Officer), that you have been more than willing to violate the commandment of Leviticus 19:15.

Judging by your carefully manicured chinstrap beard, you are obviously in egregious violation of Leviticus 19:27, as am I...and your father, my father, your brother, my brothers, and so on.

I have seen you, on numerous occasions, violate the commandment set forth in Leviticus 19:19, which declares that we should not wear garments made of different materials. As a matter of fact, the hat I gave you (and the one I sold you, to replace the one you gave away, which you have proudly sported in the pictures you post), are violations of this.

And then you have the nerve to start quoting the Bible to me, as if I hadn't read it when you were LITERALLY still shitting yellow.

You start off with Deuteronomy 16:18, which deals with the election of judges and "officers", and states that they must judge the people fairly. According to the laws set forth by our constitution, you yourself have judged homosexuals unfairly, as you have denied them unequal protection under the law.

Then you're going to quote Luke 12:57, as if it somehow gives you the right to decide what is righteous. I find this especially unnerving, when taken in context of the passage. The remainder of this particular passage (verses 58 and 59) specifically tells us NOT to do such things.

You go on to quote John 8:16, and attempt to pass off your usage of the words of Christ as something you yourself have a right to claim. I've got news for you, Billiam. You aren't Jesus. Neither one of us are anywhere close to being the perfect individual that HE is.

To top it all off, you have lied to God Himself, and did so to his face. Our United States Constitution does not have a "Unless God says otherwise" clause in it...but it does have the aforementioned "establishment clause". Your oath of enlistment required you to swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. I know good and well what it says, because I swore the same oath, back before your nuts got fuzzy. At the time of your oath, there was a constitutional amendment stating that our government CANNOT restrict the liberties of any man or woman based solely upon religion. You swore an oath before God Himself, to protect the liberties of your fellow countrymen...and you sit today, telling me why you shouldn't, based solely upon random bible verses that don't back up this position.

If you want to start quoting the Bible, I'm going to first direct you to 1 Peter 2:13-17. Essentially, we should not only be following the supreme laws of the land (the US Constitution), but we should also respect our neighbors. Yes, even my Uncle Bill, who lives in a state of "abomination" with his gay lover. Last time I checked, God sees sin as sin, with none being greater than the next.

Do not judge, or you may find yourself judged. It is not for you or I to decide, but for He to decide.

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