Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thank God for Obamacare, in the most literal of tone.

“Solve et Coagula”, Latin, phrase meaning “tear down and come together again”.

That's where we are in this country, at this point in time. Our government, just like our society as a whole, is completely and truly FUBAR.

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States of America decided that a government-mandated tax penalty was “constitutional” if people did not did not purchase individual health insurance.

Justice Roberts, a so-called “conservative” appointed by Bush II, was the swing vote on this decision.

Justice Ginsberg bluntly stated that we had no “right” to abstain from something that takes the product of our labor without receiving (or, for that matter, even asking for) our permission.

There are some who think that voting in November will somehow solve this crisis, by electing a congress dedicated to overturning Obamacare.

You're a complete f***ing retard if you think this law had anything to do with our government trying to help people get “affordable health care”. This wasn't about general welfare of this nation, it was about setting legally-binding SCOTUS precedent for control.

SCOTUS ruled that, pursuant to a law prohibiting injunctions on taxation through the courts, that A) Obamacare is a “tax”, B) Congress has the authority to declare just about anything it desires as a “tax” for the purposes of promoting the “general welfare”, C) you must sue the government and maintain legal standing in order to get a refund on the taxation they have placed upon you, and D) congress has the authority to punish you with taxation if you disagree with their demands.

Let us remember certain facts about this case. It was ruled “constitutional”, because the tax penalty was not “excessive”...even though its punitive nature was not denied. Because it is a so-called “voluntary” tax, meaning you had the choice of paying for something you didn't want or choosing to pay the tax, it was found to not be prohibited by the COTUS prohibition on non-proportioned taxation.

Whether you believe this decision follows the constitution, or doesn't, is completely and totally irrelevant. The choice is not up to you. That same constitution has vested the power of such determination within these nine individuals, and has placed them in the sole position of God-like power of deciding what is and isn't allowed by said constitution.

In short, what you think may be right or wrong really just doesn't matter any more. This “constitution” that makes you American, grants America the right to tax you into oblivion, grants America the right to jail you for refusal to pay for taxes, and and the right to shoot you if you refuse jail.

In other words, do what they say or they will kill you. You are a slave. Are you realizing this yet? If you're just now waking up to this, I have to things to say to you.
1) Congratulations. You understand what's going on now. You're awake. Make use of it.
2) You're a complete idiot for not realizing this sooner. This ruling means absolutely nothing new, and the tyranny you've been living under is over 200 years old.

This nation is FUBAR, because even those who call themselves “conservatives” think it's okay to FORCE someone to do what they think is right...and use the full government-sponsored monopoly of force upon those who disagree. Those who call themselves “liberals” have been doing this all along.

This government, as I have often stated before, is much like an ingrown toenail. The toe will not heal until the nail is ripped out.

For that reason, I thank God for the ruling on “Obamacare”, as it brings “The Nation As We Know It” (aka “TNAWKI”) one very huge massive leap toward its eventual destruction. It was flawed from its inception, as it allowed a majority-rule tyranny to cast its power over the minority. Anything that speeds its destruction is welcomed in my personal view.

Much like you cannot build a home on the ruins of a dilapidated home without removing the remnants of the original structure, you cannot build a society upon a portion of something that is crumbling. We must start fresh, from nothing.

Solve et coagula, and God bless you all.

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