Sunday, June 10, 2012

Exercising my right to not vote...

I'm gonna clue you in on something right quick-like. I'm an anarchist. If you know me, and haven't figured this out yet, you must be mentally deficient.

That said, yes. I support the presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul. Why would an anarchist do such a thing? Well, it's for two reasons, really.

1) As my congressional representative, he has a proven 30 year track record of honesty.
2) While an anarchist such as myself is content to sit at home and live out my life as freely as possible, I pick my battles as I see fit. I fight them here at home, calling public attention to the injustices and aggression found within our local communities, be it issues with police, city council, et cetera. Dr. Paul, on the other hand, has chosen to take his "small-government" message to Washington. He is in the position to effect change instantaneously on a federal level, and has pledged to do so.

You see, the President of the United States has the authority to direct every federal agency, and this authority has been granted to him by the constitution of these United States. One of his campaign pledges has been to eliminate ONE TRILLION DOLLARS from the US federal government's budget.

While congress alone has the authority to approve the spending of federal tax dollars by federal agencies, the president alone has the authority to allow these agencies to use these tax dollars. If one were to cut a trillion dollars from the federal budget, there would instantaneously be millions of federal employees without jobs.

That is the end result I, as a supporter of Dr. Paul's work, would refer to as "a good start". For this reason, I would rather see Dr. Paul as president over any other current candidate.

I voted for him in the 2008 primary. I gave him my vote in the 2010 election. I was a district delegate in the 2010 election cycle. I've been a registered republican for quite some time now. It's not exactly as if I've completely abandoned politics, or have never been a part of it. I have my credentials, do you?

And I didn't vote in the 2008 presidential election, because Dr. Paul dropped out of the race.

Why? We were given the choice between a warmongering statist who thought the ultra-rich should pay a 0 to 5% income tax while making their money from hedge funds and other capital gains as the working man forks over a third of his paycheck, who thought it was a great idea to torture innocent civilians and lock them away indefinitely without charges in foreign countries, who thought our civil liberties were useless relics of a by-gone era, who thought we should be using drone attacks on defenseless innocents around the globe to benefit the military-industrial complex, who thought we should keep imprisoning people for what they chose to ingest...or we could choose to vote for John McCain.

Personally, I'm proud of choosing not to vote for either one of them.

Not only do I stand behind my choice in 2008 (and in 2012, provided Dr. Paul does not win the RNC nomination), but I also question your choice...

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