Monday, May 6, 2013

The locked & loaded march on the White House is set for this year's Independence Day, July 4th 2013.  Adam Kokesh (host of "Adam vs The Man" on YouTube, political activist, former US Marine) is planning on taking one thousand men armed with loaded (but politely slung) rifles across the Memorial Bridge between Virginia and Washington DC.

It will be an illegal march.  Even though the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees every American the right to both keep AND bear arms, the District of Columbia (like most jurisdictions in America) does not recognize the right to openly carry a firearm.  In addition to the Washington DC Metro and US Park Police departments, the FBI and Secret Service will also likely be on hand.

Given the nature of the march, I think it's a good idea for men with families at home to sit this one out. For God's sake, don't be a retard and bring your kids to this, if you're going.

I look at four possible outcomes of this event.  Only one of them works out good for the marchers, and all four will end up badly for government.

1) The march is allowed to take place.  The police ignore it, the march goes through unimpeded and everyone goes home.  The government is shown to be powerless, and the government loses.

2) The march is stopped by police before it crosses the bridge.  The government is shown to be resentful of peaceful people.  The government loses.

3) The marchers are summarily arrested for attempting to cross the bridge.  The government creates a thousand political prisoners.  The government loses.

4) The marchers are mowed down by government agents.  The government creates a thousand martyrs and starts a revolution.  The government loses.

Scenario 1 is very unlikely to happen, for the same reason governments will offer a reduced-charge plea with "time served" to people they've knowingly and wrongfully convicted.  They don't want to lose face and admit wrongdoing.

Scenario 2, which is the stated intent of the march, is also unlikely to happen (in my opinion, anyway) because police officers have a history of pack mentality and hunger for power. 

Scenarios 3 and 4 are, in my opinion, the two most likely outcomes.  Cops, especially when in large groups, appear to love the notion of being "in control of the situation"...and generally like having an excuse to use force, be it justified or not.  That statement is not opinion, but rather, a proven historical fact that has been shown to be true countless times in the past few years. 

This is going to light the fuse.  Like any other time dynamite is used, it's gonna be may be necessary, but I don't think I wanna be standing next to it.

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