Thursday, May 2, 2013

Peaceful Evolution or Violent Revolution?

Years ago, I was the "small-government libertarian" type, even registering as a republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries (2008 and 2012) and even gave a day's pay to help his son Rand win a seat in the US Senate.  Even though I ran out of excuses and had become a full-blown anarchist prior to the 2012 election cycle, I still don't mind taking a few hours per year of my time to help the system dismantle itself from the inside...which is exactly what I envisioned Dr. Paul's plan to be when he was running for representative and for president.  His son Rand?  Well, I'd say I was a bit naive in thinking he and his father are the same person with the same values, but I digress. 

Back to what I was getting at, it has been years since I held an honest belief that the nation-state we call home could cure itself of its ills, because I believe that statism is the disease it suffers from.  By its very nature, it is doomed to fail.  I also realize that while the philosophy of anarchism (or "voluntaryism" as it is called by those who feel the term "anarchism" carries a negative stigma) has been around for quite some time, there has been no other time in the history of this world where so many people firmly believed and understood that people are not to be the slaves of others in any form, be their chains of bondage literal or metaphorical.

Likewise, there have been only two other times in the history of this nation where grown, thinking, rational men have seriously debated both the merits and the possibility of an armed revolt.  One of those times saw the creation of this nation, while the other came very close to destroying it.

Today, I stumbled across a YooToob video created by one Christopher Cantwell (liberty activist, aspiring comedian, unapologetic drunkard, parking-meter Robin Hood, and the list of hats he wears goes on and on), in which he espoused a view I've held for quite some time. 

I highly suggest you watch it. 

While I do not know Mr. Cantwell personally, we have conversed on occasion via social media networks, and it would appear that we have very similar opinions on this particular subject.  Within our circle of friends, and even outside it with the rest of the country, there is a growing debate.  It centers around whether it is proper to peacefully resist by voting against those who are wrecking this place, simply act as if the state does not exist and peacefully resist by ignoring the actions and edicts of government while being willing to be kidnapped, or to be prepared to actually physically resist with violence when given no other option.

As Cantwell (and countless others within our circles of contact and conversation) are fully aware,  this country is headed straight to hell in the proverbial handbasket.  Those who still haven't decided to eat their "red pill" yet also understand this, even though they don't quite seem to understand why. 

So-called conservatives wish to blame it God supposedly being banned from public schools, legalization of pot, Muslim terrorism, etc.  Those leaning a bit farther to the left seem to think it has something to do with "capitalism", class warfare, the death of polar bears, and the perceived shortage of taxpayer-funded social programs.  Then there's the rest of us, who understand the nature of the state and are generally just pissed off about it.

In the meantime, more and more people are starting to wake up to the fact that our laws have made a mockery of justice.  Our constitution has gone from being "the law of the land" to being some mythical document oft-ignored by those sworn to uphold it, to the point where it is illegal to even cultivate the very plants used to create the paper it was written on. 

Since the beginning of this nation, our laws were written to benefit the men who were wealthy enough to buy the men who wrote the laws.  Today, they call it "lobbying".  Once upon a time, it was called by its true name of "bribery".  There are so many laws on our books that even those charged with enforcing them don't even know what they are...regardless of the fact that most of them had no intention of actually following them in the first place. 

There was once a time when slavery was legal in this country, in the sense of a man being allowed by law to actually own another man as property based solely upon the color of his skin.  Negro slavery became extinct across the nation with the civil war, but the wealthiest among us still desired control over others and would stop at nothing to maintain control over the masses.  It hasn't stopped yet, and has no sign of even wanting to slow down.  Negro slavery was never was just expanded to be race-neutral and include everyone not wealthy and powerful enough to be immune to the laws written by the wealthy and powerful.

While bringing up subjects such as disarmament, theft by taxation, a worthless fiat money system, and a nation under constant surveillance and fear of police brutality would have had you pegged as a conspiracy theorist who needed to loosen his tin-foil hat ten or even five years ago, the masses of this country are finally waking up to realize maybe those "kooks" aren't so crazy after all. If these things sound strange, it's likely because you have heard them packaged in a different wrapper and are simply unfamiliar with the root causes of the issues at hand.  I could go on and on with all manner of issues, but these are what I find to be most pressing at the moment.

For the first time since the US civil war (or the "War of Northern Aggression", as we Texans like to call it!), roughly one third of polled Americans think an armed rebellion will be necessary to reclaim our freedom.


So what does it all mean?  Your government hates you, thinks you are second-class, and has every intention of keeping you subservient.  There is a financial incentive to disarm you, rob you, keep you as poor as possible, and beat your ass (or kidnap you, or even kill you) if you step out of line...just the same as every other slave-master throughout history. 

You, as well as the rest of America, has a choice.  You can either continue to hope that voting or ignoring the problem will solve it, or you can realize that the slaves vastly outnumber the masters and overseers and put that opportunity to good use while you still can.

This is not an incitation to violence, it's merely an effort to make you think.  Ready or not, this nation is ready to crash.  You can sit there and wish it didn't happen, or you can strap on your seatbelt and hit the brakes.

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