Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rebuttal to a naysayer...

My firearm collection is not based upon corporate influences instilling widespread panic to sell more firearms, as a significant portion of my collection cannot even be imported into this country since the administration of Bush I...and the majority of my collection came from private sales, meaning these corporations got dick squat from those purchases. What I did buy NIB was purchased because I wanted something specific, not because I felt the need to run out and buy the first firearm I could find. My three favorite pieces are actually home-builds from parts kits using the specific pieces I wanted and sought after.

This is about "gun rights", but not wholly about gun rights. It's about a government controlling every single aspect of our lives. I agree that political parties are total whores. That's why I am an anarchist. I didn't vote for Romney in the last election, I gave a write-in for my uncle as a joke and took a photo of it to post on his FB wall. You will be hard-pressed to find a bigger critic of GWBush than this man right here, and I loathe Obama equally.

And yes, there is an ongoing attempt to disarm the citizenry. While our government is railing against high-capacity magazines and "assault rifles" for anyone that can pass a standard background checks. I shot my first deer with a rifle I built in my bedroom, and that rifle would have been felonious to own when I came of age to actually buy the parts to build it.

I do not buy into the notion of it being a "left" or "right" issue, as I have always believed that government is a dangerous thing. It is responsible for more deaths in the past hundred years than any other cause...and yet, while my government tries to pass laws limiting the size of the magazine a common man may have in his hunting rifle or home-defense handgun, that same government continues to allow civilian possession of machine guns, hand grenades, sawed-off shotguns, silencers, etc. The kicker? One must go through a lengthy, protracted background check...or, in the case of Chris Dorner, create a legal fiction on paper to bypass the background check and required signature from the chief of police.

The suggestion of a "paper trail" via background checks is nothing more than a backdoor to gun registration, regardless of whether the law allows for such registrations. If you think this is paranoia, I must ask you. If you honestly think our government will not do something against the law, why did they give retroactive immunity to telecom providers?

The second amendment was designed for the armament of the common man at a level identical to that of a professional soldier, so that he might become a soldier if necessary. For anyone to suggest anything else is ludicrous. In the state of Texas, my home, one may walk down the street peacefully with an AR15 slung across his back without fear of legal repercussion aside from cases where an overzealous policeman takes matters into his own hands and writes the rules as he goes. Actually aim that rifle at someone without a legitimate fear for loss of life or property, and it's serious prison time. There is a huge difference. That's not a "right-wing ideology", that's common sense.

I see no reason whatsoever that a man should not be able to do the same in the capitol of his nation, home to the whores that rob him of his wages, aside from the fact that those very same whores are afraid of persons other than those hired to protect them.

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