Friday, May 27, 2011

That "80% Club"

That's what they call us. By "US", I'm referring to those of us within "the movement". "Libertarians", "freedom activists", "sovereign citizens", "anarchists", etc. We're all part of the "Eighty Percent Club". That adopted name came about, because it's generally understood that with any given two people from any given two groups within the movement, they'll agree on 80% of the issues we face.

We should probably change that name to the "Twenty Percent Club", if we're not going to make a drastic change within the movement. Our greatest asset, as well as our greatest detriment, is our passion. WE ARE the ones who "ate the red pill". WE ARE the ones who give a shit. WE ARE the ones who view ourselves as individuals.

Unfortunately, our passion will drive us to sitting around and bickering about that 20%, instead of focusing on the other 80% that we agree on with the guy sitting next to us. It's really time to get over it.

Okay, so you agree that involuntary taxation is slavery, government education is a joke, gun control should be abolished, and our "war on drugs" is a failure. Why would you piss away your life arguing with the guy standing next to you about whether or not "9/11 was an inside job", instead of focusing on the other 80% of things that matter? See where the 80/20 split is coming into play?

It's just not the "9/11" issue. It could be any number of things, I'm just using that example because it's the one I see most often. We spend so much of our time worrying about that one issue, when we could be spending our time a bit more wisely and proactively.

Those of us within "the movement" know that our "enemy" is statism. We may not agree as to its degree of control over our lives, what it has done, or what should be done about it. We do, however, agree that it is our enemy. Many people disagree with the notion of armed revolt, and just as many disagree with the idea that *not* properly utilizing our lamp posts is a good thing. We all agree that something must be done. Let's get over the bickering, and work toward dismantling Leviathan before it becomes so powerful that our grandchildren's grandchildren will never be left alone...

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