Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aaaaand it's only 27 years behind schedule...

I fear for this country. That’s right. For the first time in my life, I’m truly afraid of what is happening to America. I’m not afraid of some third-world “terrorist” full of hatred for all things America, nor am I afraid of a UN/NWO “blue-helmet” takeover that’s going to ship us all off to a FEMA camp. I’m scared shitless that my country is rotting from the inside out, and this disease is being brought on by those who think they are doing what’s best for America. The scary part is, it’s getting very close to home.

I opened up the local newsrag this morning, and one of the big stories still being talked about is Sweeny ISD having to change their policy regarding a requirement that students stand for the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag or face disciplinary measures. Call me crazy, but if that pledge is “to the flag…and to the republic for which it stands”, how can such a measure requiring a statement of allegiance be considered “American” by any stretch of the imagination?

Then, I’m reading about how four men are accused of being in possession of more than a ton of pot. Not “a ton” as in, “a lot of weed”, but as in “2,000 pounds”. The article goes on to say that the four men are facing a life sentence if convicted. Wait, did I read that correctly? A LIFE SENTENCE? Yes, they are facing the possibility of being caged and/or on parole (essentially, becoming property of the state) for the rest of their natural lives. And for what? They had a truckload of crops which had never harmed a single living soul. Crops which were proudly cultivated and promoted by this nation’s founding fathers, and most likely even smoked by them. Crops which are, in a great deal of our nation’s individual states, completely legal to own if someone gets a note from the doctor saying they have “anxiety” or “stomach cramps”.

A reader writes in, and says that we should completely do away with the rule of law when dealing with “the cartels” and “terrorists”, because that’s the only way to “win”. The border-town drug violence, which he says is a threat to our “national security”, is caused by the black market created when governments like ours make drugs illegal. So, just so we’re clear on this, we’re supposed to be doing away with the “innocent until proven guilty” concept that makes America the great nation it is, in order to deal with a problem our nation created?

As stated earlier, all of this is supposedly being suggested by people who claim to be “patriotic American citizens”. We’re locking people up for the rest of their lives because they’ve sold the same crops our founding fathers grew, we’re insisting that our children be forced to stand and swear allegiance to a flag which supposedly stands for the freedom to not be forced into such an action, and we’re saying that we must do away with the rule of law in order to deal with people who don’t follow the law.

All of this Orwellian double-speak is really beginning to freak me out. It may be 27 years too late, but welcome to 1984…

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