Monday, April 13, 2009

They called me a "terrorist" again, as if it means something. Can we start the revolution yet?

I was going to at least attempt to bring some light-hearted humor into this blog, and get away from my typical anti-state rantings, for at least a day. Unfortunately, something a "friend" I've never actually met in person decided to share something with me today that just really got under my skin.

Yeah, they called me a "terrorist" again. Travel a little further down the rabbit hole by clicking the linkie, and you'll see a nine-page document that lumps me in with a bunch of racist hillbillies and abortion clinic bombers. Apparently, religious "fundies" and neo-nazi skinheads fit the definition of "right-wing extremists" do people who are fed up with our government's wasteful spending, intrusions into our civil liberties, and many of Barrack Obama's socialist policies.

I am a libertarian, and do my best to live by the motto of "My life is not your fault, your life is not my business...and your life is not my fault, my life is not your business." As a follower of this philosophy, I have made it a point to live my life according to the requirements of those who provide the things I need. I don't do things to piss off the person who owns the home I reside in. I don't dress, groom myself, or act in a manner that irritates my employer. I don't intentionally do things that I know to be harmful to others, without prior provocation and justification for doing so. As a result of this, I DO NOT agree with the notion of "socialism", as it violates every tenent of the American values set forth by our Declaration of Independence.

I have the right to own my own property, so long as I can afford to purchase it. I have the right to work where I choose, so long as I can gain employment there. I have the right to deny others the fruits of my labor, even if they are truly in need. Yes, actually backing up that last statement with action is truly heartless, and goes against everything they taught me in Sunday School. If you remember correctly, Jesus H. Christ himself was the original "O.G." socialist.

Although Jesus himself would have me give to the needy and the poor, the bible also tells us that the freedom to choose to follow the Word (or not), and actually doing so, is what makes a pious man. Taxation, at the barrel of a gun, ain't exactly the same thing. Again, my life is not your business and your life is not my fault. If I ASK you for something, then my life becomes your business. Until then, it isn't. If you ASK me for something, I have the right to determine how, when, AND IF it will be used.

So here we are. I disagree with my government's usage of my money, especially when this money has been taken WITHOUT MY CONSENT and used for THINGS I DON'T AGREE WITH. Want to give the helpless a helping hand? More power to you, as long as you don't do it with my money. Want to keep giving retarded amounts of money to rogue governments around the world? More power to you, as long as you don't do it with my money. Want to keep providing crackheads a means to support their habit? More power to you, as long as you don't do it with my money. Your life is not my fault, and my life is not your business.

Okay, I think it's been established that I'm not too fond of what OUR GOVERNMENT is doing with OUR MONEY. That should be plainly obvious, if it isn't yet.

I've covered the things that our government is doing with OUR MONEY that kinda irritate me because they are completely wasteful, useless, and costly to the American taxpayer. Now, here comes the fun part! Get ready, because this shit is gonna warp your fragile little mind!

If you're like the majority of the people I know IRL, you're one of those "mainstream" Americans. You tolerate people like me because we provide a valuable service, either personally or professionally. Personally, we're very loyal people who would die to ensure that our friends never wanted or needed for anything. Professionally, we see a problem and find a solution faster than most, which is why we still have gainful employment, in spite of who we are. Yet, we are merely "tolerated", because we are so far out of the mainstream that most people just can't wrap their little heads around us. They can't understand the idea of principles over practicality, and frankly, that idea scares the shit out of people.

Think back to about four and a half years ago...that was October of 2004. America had a choice to make. It was Bush Jr. part II, or John Kerry. I didn't exactly agree with what John Kerry stood for, but Bush Jr.'s track record scared the living shit out of me. Because we were just beginning to find out what he had done, and what he was capable of, not too much was known about the full extent of his presidency...and people called me a paranoid lunatic for feeling the way I did about him.

Oh yeah, I'm a "radical" because I think constitutional rights should extend to everyone in this nation...even "non-citizens", because our constitution does not make a distinction. I was called a "terrorist-lover" and an "America-hater" because I disagreed with the treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo...because I had a conscience and a slight understanding of international law regarding the Geneva Conventions.

People thought I was absolutely apeshit crazy when, during the summer of 2008, I encouraged people to stock up on ammo and food because a hard rain was gonna come down in September of '08. Well, lo and behold, that rain came down just like I said it was going to. Economic hardships upon this nation hadn't been seen like this before in my lifetime...and are said to rival the "Great Depression" of the '20s and '30s. But I was crazy, because I didn't "roll on".

In the wake of 9/11, we saw a drastic increase in the assumed powers of our government...not only the powers assumed by our executive branch on their own, but also assumed powers granted by our legislature. National Security Letters, the "Patriot Act", and the completely illegal spying on American citizens by their government via conspiratorial collaboration of telecom corporations have left many Americans wondering what happened to the constitution during the Bush administration.

The violation of the Posse Comitatus act, as well as the numerous violations of 2nd Amendment rights, during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans (not to mention the use of BlackwaterUSA mercenaries), the complete denial and ignorance of F.I.S.A., et cetera have become rallying cries for those who worry about what their government is capable of.

Keep in mind, I was 26 years old when Katrina hit the shores of Louisianna...but I hadn't forgotten how an FBI sniper murdered a woman holding her infant child after the government screwed up, or how that same FBI sniper was redeployed to less than half an hour's drive from my uncle's home where the ATF, FBI, and other government agencies murdered people without cause.

I also haven't forgotten the struggle that this nation's founding fathers had gone through, when they risked their own necks for the sake of freedom. I remember my Knowledge teaching me about the "blood stripe", and it's meaning on the legs of an NCO's trousers. I have seen damned near every movie, read every book, and glued my eyes to every documentary, that ever covered the story of why this nation entered into WWII. My mind is still scarred with images of death camp victims of Nazi Germany via photographs, and I know people who had relatives that lived through it....and then I saw my grandfather's DD214, and heard a few stories. The old man had the chance to go home, but chose to get his skinny ass on the boat, instead...because it was the right thing to do.

I have listened to Martin Luther King, Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech, and still get teared up about it. I have a very distinct memory of sitting in a Denver motel room with my dad while on vacation, when we watched "Forrest Gump" together for the first time, and watching his reaction to the really twisted shit this nation did to its own people. I remember hearing my father tell me about his father telling him that it was a good thing the CSA lost the civil war...because we were poor, and there's a good chance that he and I would be slaves today.

It's 11:00 in the PM right now, and I'm far too tired to remember who said it, but I can remember the quote distinctly..."Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it".

Everyone who called me a "paranoid lunatic" four years ago, when I was shitting solid gold twinkies with chrome-plated cream filling just thinking about what our government was doing to "radicals", is now taking a good look around...and maybe they're thinking they may have been wrong about those thoughts.

In Missouri, the Missouri Information Analysis Center (in conjunction with the Missouri State Highway Patrol) published a pamplet "exposing" us freedom-lovers as "potential terrorists". In 2004, the Texas Department of Public Safety decided to call me a potential terrorist because I wear Levi's and pay in cash. Apparently, the popularity of Ron Paul's supporters (and their backlash) has forced MIAC to rescind their pamphlet in its entirety. Too bad my state cops still think I'm a "terrorist", even though I help pay their damned wages. Even more unfortunately, I see that my federal government feels the need to call me a goddamned terrorist because I believe in freedom.

So yeah, I own a few guns and I stocked up on ammo. If given the choice between the right to own a gun and the right to speak freely, I'll take the gun. If I have a gun, I'll say whatever the hell I want, because I have a gun...and dare you to tell me otherwise.

Yeah, I disagree with what our government is doing, have disagreed with this for quite some time, and will for quite a while...because I enjoy the idea of freedom.

Yeah, I don't agree with a third of my earnings being removed from my paycheck for the purposes of paying for the "less fortunate" when I see these "poor unfortunate souls" getting paid for sitting on their asses.

Yeah, I tell my friends and family to stock up on ammo and canned food, because my grandmother remembers the Great Depression.

Oh, more thing. Do you see this finger? It's a symbolic gesture, focused at my government, telling them exactly what they can go do with their free time...and I don't really care how long they spend doing it, so long as they aren't doing it with my money.

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