Thursday, April 9, 2009

Keeping it short today...

It's now 10:57am, and I've been killing time after spending an hour doing battle with the forces of evil this morning. I'm proud to say that both charges were dismissed, and required nothing more than a bunch of waiting prior to handing the ADA a few pieces of paperwork proving that A) I really do have a valid driver's license, and B) I really do have automobile insurance.

This evening, when I get out of my Clark Kent job, I'll be hanging out with one of my cousin's kids at the I probably won't be doing much ranting this evening.

Tomorrow night, however, I'm going to head back to something I drunkenly forgot about with last night's post. It's something that affects all American citizens, and has already begun to start hurting private industry and the gainfully employed in East Texas. Yes, it's that dreaded topic of privatized prisons and why they are harmful to a free society...

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