Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just for the record...

I am an anarchist.  Please allow me to repeat that.  I AM AN ANARCHIST.

My support for the actions of Dr. Rand Paul during his filibuster yesterday should not be misconstrued as support for our current system of government.

Please allow me to clarify.  I am no man's slave.  I am owned by neither a corporation, a democracy, a republic, nor a dictatorship.  I am an individual human being.  My rights were bestowed upon me by my creator, they were not granted by any political charter or "god-damned piece of paper".

With that being said, I was a supporter of Dr. Ron Paul's run for president, in both '08 and '12.  Not because I viewed him as some sort of savior, but because I see the system for what it is.  The "system" is inherently fucked.  Pardon my language, but there is no other useful way to describe it.  It is totally and completely fucked, and has been since the inception of this nation.

The way I see it, we don't really have much of a choice.  What we do have boils down to this..
A) Rocket-ride to socialism, aka "Democrat"
B) Rocket-ride to fascism, aka "status-quo republican"
C) Train's still rolling off the tracks, but someone can apply a tiny bit of pressure to the brakes, aka "vote for Ron Paul".

So yeah, I went and voted in the primaries.  That nigga didn't win.  I wasn't going to waste my time with write-in votes for Paul, nor was I going to vote for some magic underwear assclown like Romney.  I gave a write-in for my uncle, mainly as a joke.

I understand that politics is a sad joke.  I also understand that the majority of this country consists of a bunch of Cheeto-eating football zombies that care more about Kim Kardashian's on-camera fellatio skills than they care about what's happening to them at this very moment.  Say what you will about the system of government we live in, and people like the Doctors Paul who actively engage in it...but if it weren't for Dr. Paul the Elder, I would likely not be considering myself an anarchist today.  I liken him to the "gateway drug" our health teachers warned us about when they described the evils of pot.

He opened my eyes to the idea that an individual owns himself.  He kinda had me at "legalize pot and machine guns, criminalize actions that harm others".  From there, I read on...  So yeah, I supported his run for office, mainly for the purpose of hoping that he would enlighten others in the same manner he enlightened me.

I look at Rand's actions in much the same way.  In a manner unseen and unheard of in my lifetime, a US senator stood on the floor of the senate and demanded an answer about a question of basic civil liberty...and it got a lot of people across the country asking questions.  He did it for 13 hours straight, and made international news in doing so.

In the process of this filibuster, Dr. Rand Paul got a lot of people asking what should be a very basic fucking question.  WHY DO PEOPLE WHO CLAIM JURISDICTION OVER ME, ALSO CLAIM THE RIGHT TO KILL ME IN MY SLEEP WITHOUT EVER EVEN SO MUCH AS PRESENTING EVIDENCE OF MY ALLEGED GUILT?

Is it bad that I support something that makes people ask why someone else is claiming the right to kill them?  If that makes me "bad for the movement", then so be it...

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