Monday, January 7, 2013

An open letter to Piers Morgan

Mr. Morgan:

Congratulations on your very effective use of propaganda this evening.

First, you used an emotional "relative of a victim" who erroneously stated that an M16 rifle and an AR15 rifle are "the same rifle with a different designation".  Anyone with any knowledge knows one is capable of full-auto fire, while the other is a semi-auto rifle.  Of course, because you allowed a guest to say it, you can escape the claim that you are releasing fraudulent information.

Second, you chose to bring out Alex Jones to debate gun control, instead of someone from a firearms organization such as the NRA or Gun Owners of America.  You intentionally chose to bring out a "shock jock", instead of someone who would easily beat you in a rational and civilized debate.

Third, your use of irrelevant statistics was brilliant.  When speaking of "gun murders" in England, you know full-well that the average person (and even the average street hoodlum) cannot afford them.  They can be had, but are not economically viable.  Meanwhile, the United States manufactures more firearms than any other place on the planet and there are over two hundred million privately-owned firearms in this nation alone.  Your tactic here is no different than comparing US drunk-driving fatalities to drunk-driving fatalities in Saudi Arabia, where both liquor and female drivers are outlawed.

Unfortunately, you have one slight problem.  This is the United States of America.  If you don't like the way we run shit here, what's keeping you here?  I don't recall asking you to renounce your UK citizenship, nor do I recall you offering to do so of your own volition.  If the "English Way" is so great, why did you leave the UK?  Oh, that's right.  You had no journalistic credibility left in that country.

If you would like to change the constitution of these United States, please feel free to write your congressman and demand that he or she put forth legislation to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

Oh, wait.  You can't.  You're not an American citizen, therefore you cannot vote in our elections.  Essentially, your opinions are meaningless.  Run along, you limey fucktard...

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