Friday, April 6, 2012

Questions for a history professor...

So, after another discussion with the resident local history professor who happens to currently be studying "African American History", I have a few questions to ask.

1) If affirmative action programs put more emphasis on race than they place upon credentials, education, experience, skill-set, and employment history, how can you honestly say these programs are not racist?

2) If you tell a black man that he is more likely to get a job than his white co-applicant with a better resume, merely because he is black and his resume does not matter, what incentive does this man have to better his skillset so that he may become a more productive employee?

3) If racism is not a "collectivist" idea (meaning, of course, that all people of a certain skin tone are somehow inferior and should be subservient to those of a different skin tone, based solely upon their skin tone), what specifically is racism?

4) If my neighbors get together and decide to pay one specific neighbor to wear a specific suit while he robs another specific neighbor of 1/3 of everything in his home (and do so by popular vote), for the purposes of redistributing everything robbed from that neighbor to the rest of the neighborhood, how is this somehow different than involuntary income taxation, aside from the scale of it?

5) What gives you a moral right to enforce a "social contract" upon those who disagree with it?

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