Thursday, February 16, 2012

About that Venn Diagram I saw a while back

Before I go further, I'd like to extend a great big One-Fingered Salute to one Officer James Peters of the Scottsdale AZ police department. You shot my friend in the face, murdering him in cold blood, while he held his infant grandson in his arms. Politely eat shit, rot slowly, and go find a fire to die in...preferably downwind, so no one has to smell your pig stench.

Okay. So now that's out of the way, let's talk about that Venn Diagram I was referring to. If you're unfamiliar with them, they're the little pictographs of two or more overlapping circles which show the common factors of each circle. For instance, imagine a white circle representing a typical weekend at Charlie Sheen's house. Then imagine a red circle representing the wedding night of two highschool sweethearts. That pink portion where they overlap would be the wild hot freaky monkey sex you'd find to be common with both situations.

The diagram I was referring to was highlighting the majority of the bitching from the "Occupy" crowd, along with the majority of the bitching from the "Tea Party" crowd. I have a great deal of friends who are what some might refer to as being "politically aware", and most of us don't agree on more than maybe 65-70% of the issues facing us today.

The one thing that almost all of us agree on absolutely is that corporations being in bed with government is the dictionary definition of fascism and it should stop.

I noticed that this was also the focal point of the "overlap" I saw in the particular Venn Diagram I'm referring to. How could it possibly be so damned hard to rally people around a common cause? I mean, seriously, is there ANYONE who thinks corporate lobbyists, and the congressmen who so willingly and readily take their money, really have the best interests of the common man as their chief goal? Really?

Can someone explain to me how it is this damned hard to get people to come together? fundie fuckwit psycho mega-church/meth-addict-preacher/male-hooker supporters can't see the light long enough to get behind your fellow countrymen, just because they laughingly sport t-shirts praising the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

And you unwashed hippie patchouli-stench-ridden PETA douchetards can't stop burning your bras long enough to march with these fundie fuckwits, simply because they own guns and eat bacon cheeseburgers?

Please, for the love of sweet Jesus, Joseph, and doggie-style Mary, WAKE THE FUCK UP. Get over your petty bullshit already.

I'm gonna clue you in on something. No matter who you are supporting, 99.44% OF GOVERNMENT will sell their own mother for a pack of Kools, so long as they can find a way to spin it in a good light for that next re-election campaign. It's time to wake up, ain't it?

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