Sunday, January 9, 2011

On a more personal note...

So yesterday, in the wake of the Arizona shooting of congresswoman Giffords, I remarked about the senselessness of shooting into a crowd of innocents, and how causing the death of an innocent child was the improper way to "kickstart a revolution".

In the wake of this, some banter went back and forth on the interwebz between myself and another individual, and I found it rather humorous that someone would assume to know everything about another person. What I found more interesting was that this individual appears to think I'm essentially blowing smoke, because I don't subscribe to the beliefs he thinks I should when identifying myself with a particular political or religious philosophy.

Apparently, I'm not a "real" libertarian, because I "want anarchy". I'm assuming this man knows all about libertarianism because he saw a bumpersticker once for the Libertarian Party, and because of this, he knows that no "real" libertarian can be opposed to the government if they have a party wishing to take part in government. Ever read the LP platform, genius? They have bumperstickers reading "Vote Libertarian...they only want to repeal shit!". The terms "libertarian" and "anarchist" are not mutually fact, they're a lot more synonymous than most people on the outside looking in seem to realize.

Then again, when your working knowledge of anarchism is reduced to something you once saw on CNN about communists (with government intervention being required for communism to function, it's the complete antithesis of anarchy!) wearing ski masks and throwing bricks at office buildings during a protest because they want to promote socialism and destroy capitalism, I suppose it might be easy to come to such a conclusion.

Did I mention that apparently, I'm borderline schizophrenic, because I took the time to load a program called "PeerBlock" onto my computer so I could know what other IP addresses were communicating with my rig? I obviously think the government is out to black-bag me in the middle of the night, because IP addresses from all over the world show up when I look at a particular website...and these happen to include networks run by the DoD, DoJ, CIA, and FBI. But pointing this little fact out just means I'm paranoid, right?

Do I hate the fact that government intervention in my life is growing in scope, as it has been doing since the day I entered this place we call Earth? Absolutely. Am I a fan of people who walk around acting like they own the place, because this government has given them a gun and the lawful authority to use it while enforcing the unjust laws which have been placed upon us? No, not really. In fact, you might even say they really piss me off! But wait, that is going to put my girlfriend and her kids in danger, because I'm obviously some psychopath who hates cops and other government officials. Yeah, that's it. Sorry, babe...I guess we have to break up now? Really, I read it on the interwebz. I'm crazy!

I bet there's one more thing you didn't know about me. I'm not a "real Christian". I'm really an atheist. Yep, that's right. Apparently, my own belief in Jesus Christ isn't enough to be a's my duty to ensure that no one else ever gets to make that decision on their own. In fact, I must be an enemy of everyone who has ever had an independent thought in their skull, and must make absolutely certain no one else can ever pray in a different manner or even to a different god than the one I believe in...even though my Bible says the exact opposite. Until I start doing this, I guess I'll just be content with my atheism?

Wow...I haven't even mentioned my guns yet! Apparently, being an avid shooter and collector of firearms, combined with my irrational paranoia of government entities, somehow makes me a danger to my girlfriend and her kids. See, babe? We really have to break up now! It's for the children! Then, there's the part about how I'm a "big p****y", because I own guns and am willing to use them...but don't go running around shooting up post offices or junior high schools. Guess what, genius! I'm willing to undergo major surgery if I get cancer...but that doesn't mean I'm gonna go cutting one of my lungs out for no good reason, just because I'm willing to do so if it ever became necessary!

No, sir...I don't "run around flaming people all the time". I simply call people on their bullshit when I see it posted on my personal page. I didn't remove you and your idiotic posts because you "confronted" me, nor did I "run" from anyone. I removed you (and again, your posts, as well), because you were being illogical, annoying, and accusatory. You did accuse me of claiming that an innocent child was somehow responsible for a madman gunning her down with no rhyme or reason, and you were given several opportunities to correct this accusation. On top of this, you decided to bring my girlfriend and her two children into the mix. You proceeded to claim that I'm "heartless and cold", because I call things like I see it, instead of immediately rushing out to install some sort of memorial bumpersticker on my car or something of that sort, so that my outrage about this senseless death can be proven to the world.

I'm sorry, sir, but this is the honest truth.

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