Thursday, August 12, 2010

Honestly, what is worse?

When you think of what is more "morally destructive", would it be a photo of a severed left arm left from the blast of a bomb in a mideast warzone, or would it be a pornographic photo of interracial midgets engaged in a threesome that included some garden-fresh produce?

I'm asking, because I think it's an important question. I'll explain why I think so in a bit, but first, I'll go off into a slight tangent about the history of the internets. Circa 1985, the "internet" as the public now knows it, was set loose upon the world. Approximately two minutes later, the first pornographic website appeared on the internet. Today, roughly 1/3 of all internet web pages are pornographic in nature. Everyone and their uncle knows where to look for free porn on the internet.

Now, with that being said, I shall direct your attention to a particular website known as You can click the link all you want, but it won't take you to the website.

You see, this particular website (run by Polk County, Florida resident Christopher Wilson) was overrun by the Polk County Sheriff's Office in 2006 after Mr. Wilson was charged with over 300 misdemeanor counts and one felony count of Florida state "obscenity" law violations. The website's servers were not actually based in Florida, but in the Netherlands, where many such websites are based to get around certain legal restrictions in the "Land of Free Speech" known as America.

NTFU.Com was quite original with the manner in which it operated. It boasted itself on being an "all-amateur" pornography website, and offered a 90-day subscription to its photo galleries upon either the payment of ten US dollars or the uploading of one amateur nude photograph.

Somewhere along the way, a US serviceman overseas got word to Mr. Wilson that it was rather difficult to provide secure payment via credit card from Iraq, as well as being EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to upload amateur pornographic material from a warzone where the government doesn't allow women to participate in combat. Mr. Wilson decided a change was in order, and waived the requirement for payment consisting of nude girlfriend photos or money, in lieu of morbid photos of mangled war casualties.

Typically, internet porn entrepreneurs go untouched in this nation, even when their wares violate existing "obscenity" statutes. That is, until they manage to piss off someone in a position of power. When this occurs, the hand of (in)justice strikes quickly and mightily.

If you happen to be Christopher Wilson, and you've pissed off the Pentagon, you'll be facing more than 300 misdemeanor counts and maybe even a felony charge.

Regardless, I must ask you, what is worse? Is it staring at some chick taking it up the tailpipe while her boyfriend snaps photos, or is it looking at the mangled face of an Iraqi child whose body has been strewn across the street in seventeen different directions because a 40mm grenade detonated against a wall directly behind him?

As I type this, HBO is airing an episode of a "Reality TV" show centered around a whorehouse in Nevada where lonely truckers, virgin geeks, and random old horndogs go to score hookers and booze. The gas station around the corner sells low-budget porn movies from a display next to the beer trough and the beef jerky display. I can find pornography in any flavor I might want, and it's all just a few clicks away...

But God help you, if you decide to trade access to pornographic photos in exchange for uploading images of dead bodies caused by US-made and US-deployed bombs on the other side of the world, because someone might think that gallery of Asian anal midget porn is obscene!

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  1. uh, I can see your point, but I don't want to look at either. They're both offensive to me, and corrupt the little bubble I like to live in.