Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Abortion Kills! Oh, wait...

Okay, so today I read several friends' facebook postings on how a cosmetics firm was using "dead babies" in their wrinkle cream, in the most horrible of hack-jobs by an anti-abortion group.

Anyhow, a product called "Neocutis" is now on the market, and an anti-abortionist group has been propagandizing them as a corporation of people who profit from "killing babies". Well, not really. I'm not saying that's not the way the "Children of God for Life" are making it out to be, I'm just saying it's not really true. They really aren't throwing dead babies into a blender to make grandma's wrinkles go away!

Let's go over some facts here:

1) The CoG website states that Neocutis is "exploiting the remains of a slaughtered baby for nothing more than pure vanity and financial gain".

2) The manufacturers of Neocutis (henceforth referred to as "Neocutis") had NOTHING to do with the termination of the life of that fetus. You'll notice I said "fetus", and not "baby", because that's what it was. The choice to abort was not made by Neocutis, but by the potential mother of that fetus. That choice was between herself, God, and her own conscience...and absolutely no one else.

3) The hospital that performed the abortion willingly donated the fetal remains to an institution of research, for the purposes of producing a line of fetal cells. That research institution IS NOT affiliated with Neocutis.

4) The purpose of the creation of that cell bank was to research and create new treatments for burn victims.

5) The chances of a miscarriage actually occurring naturally, in a sterile hospital environment, are so rare it's not even funny. You don't make an appointment and have a natural miscarriage.

6) Absolutely none of the original fetal tissue has ever been used to manufacture any medical or cosmetic product, only the offspring of these cells have been used.

Without fetal tissue, thousands of lives would now be gone. This wasn't fetal tissue that was "commandeered" for the purposes of setting up a skin cell bank, this was fetal tissue bound for the dumpster. Good or bad, it is what it is.

Medical researchers recognized the potential of fetal tissue, because God gave them a functioning mind, allowing them to see this. As a result, modern medicine will now be using this technology to save countless lives. If you don't think so-called "dead babies" should be used for such things, I challenge you to step inside the Shriner's Hospital for Burned Children in Galveston, TX and tell that to those kids. You know, actual children, who are suffering through a hell on earth that you'll never experience if you're lucky.

In the grand scheme of things, burn victims are among the hardest patients to treat, but the skin cells from that one aborted fetus has provided more than enough of its offspring to handle the needs of research and production, with plenty to spare. As a result, this cell bank has found a way to increase its financial income by selling off the byproducts of its cell line.

I don't know about you, but I can't possibly see how using the byproducts of something that has been destroyed by someone else as "sacrilegious".

Think about it like have something that was once a wonderful thing. In its current state, it will never achieve the greatness that was once possible. Instead of being discarded, it is donated to someone else, to produce something that will be used to save lives. So much product is produced, in fact, that overstock is sold off to others for uses other than those deemed "philanthropic". The new product works, but is definitely not considered "essential" or "useful" for anything other than providing for human vanity.

By purchasing this original raw product, the producer of the new product provides financial compensation to the producer of the original product...which allows this producer to have more funding for research, which will in turn save more lives.

At the same time, those willing to purchase this product have something they want, by paying the people who pay the original producer for something they need to produce the second-hand product....which is how the free market works.

By casting a cloud of infamy over those who produce wrinkle cream by using cells created by the byproducts of a dead fetus destined for a landfill, what you are really doing is telling an untold number of actual suffering people they don't deserve to live because a dead and otherwise discarded fetus was used to create the medicines and techniques necessary to save their lives.

That's something to think about, isn't it?

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  1. Some great points made here. Its a shame I hade to plow through multiple pages of crazy to find this take on it (I did read through their points just to make sure I wasn't cherry picking)

    The facts you list would be stronger if you cited them though. Particularly fact #3. Was that listed on the company's website? Because I didn't see it.